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Empowering E-Bikes

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Empowering E-Bikes is based in Peterculter on the western edge of Aberdeen, and deals with both bikes and electric bikes, aiming to offer 

Products and services include

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Electric Bikes Information

This website also provides information regarding electric bikes and electric biking. In addition to information specific to Empowering E-Bikes' offerings, general information in given to allow understanding of the key types and aspects of electric bikes. For a brief answer to some of the most commonly asked questions, please refer to the FAQ page. For more detailed information, please refer to the series of pages in the Electric Bikes Information section of this website, as well as the Riding Safety and Battery Safety pages for safety, maintenance and general good practice information.

Empowered Ideas

Coming soon, ideas and inspirations on all aspects of (E-)Biking, as well as specific information regarding the possibilities for E-Biking around Peterculter / Aberdeen