Bike Servicing

Empowering E-Bikes also offer servicing for bikes, either as a general bike health check or specific repairs. Please refer to the information below or contact to discuss what we can offer for you.

Bike Health Check

A flexible service / health check package is offered to give the customer an overall bike check while only paying for the work that is required. The package is based on a key points check covering many of the key functions and safety critical aspects of the bike as summarised below. Based on the results, a summary of issues plus recommended work will be provided to the customer, followed by completion of any agreed additional service work.  

Cost is £20 for the Health Check plus £10 for each aspect where service work is carried out. Bike pick up and drop off is available free within Peterculter and may be available further away subject to confirmation and / or for a fee. Cost of parts is additional in all cases and will be confirmed prior to conducting any work. Cost of service work may in some cases be higher or lower (i.e. reduction where only a simple adjustment is needed; increase for complex problems such as badly bent wheels); this will again be confirmed with the customer prior to proceeding. 

Note that checks are conducted with all parts on the bike i.e. the process will identify functional or safety problems in line with the checks described, but (except as and where the specific additional service work is carried out) this is not a bike strip down process, and may not identify all longer term maintenance issues. Please contact if you require a full bike strip down service.


Aspect checked (visual / functional)

Service work if required

1.       Brakes - check for wear, fraying and function

Service brakes; adjust or replace brake pads / cables / housing

2.       Gears - check for wear, fraying and function

Service gears; adjust or replace gear cables / housing

3.       Tyres - check for punctures / damage, excess tread wear / cracking, orientation, pressure appropriate to use

Replace inner tubes and / or tyres as required

4.       Wheels - check for damage, broken / loose spokes and wheel lateral straightness ('trueness')

True wheel (NB charge for each wheel required)

5.       Hubs - check for looseness (play) at axle

Adjust hub bearings

6.       Handlebars / headset - check key bolts, no play in steering

Adjust headset and stem as required

7.       Chain - check for wear, state of cleanliness / lubrication

Replace chain if excessive wear; clean excess dirt from transmission and lubricate

8.       Cranks / bottom bracket / pedals - check all tightly installed and no play

Adjust as required; replace bottom bracket, cranks or pedals

Bike Repair & Service Packages

Alternatively, where a specific issue has been identified by the customer, Empowering E-Bikes can provide service / repair according to specific customer requirements. Please contact for a quote.