Why Buy an Electric Bike from Empowering E-Bikes?

As highlighted, buying from Empowering E-bikes allows you to benefit from extensive personal experience of use and design of electric bikes. The system offered is based around a high quality mid drive (i.e. the motor drives the bike via the chain and gears for greater hill climbing efficiency) plus a high capacity battery for long range.

Key benefits of purchasing from Empowering E-Bikes include 

  • Benefiting from personal experience of design and use of a wide range of electric bike to ensure that you get an electric bike appropriate to your requirements
  • A cost effective way to get a high quality, mid-drive (i.e. superior hill climbing ability) electric bike.
  • Can be fitted to your existing bike or provided with a bike as preferred
  • A converted bike is likely to be lighter / smaller than a production E-Bike
  • You can design the bike and system to do exactly what you need (and even re-fit the kit to a different bike in the future if required).
  • Can be fitted to many types of bike according to specific user requirements e.g. ladies, gents, hybrid, mountain bike, cargo bike, tricycle
  • High capacity batteries, specifically tested with the conversion kit to ensure optimum performance. Two year battery warranty included as standard.
  • System allows for inclusion of accessories such as high powered lighting run from the battery
  • Free try out and (location dependent) can bring bikes to you to try
  • Extended rental options available with full or partial refund with a purchase
  • Warranty / servicing, spare parts and support package can be tailored according to requirements
  • Comprehensive advice / information provided on all products as well as all aspects of electric biking