Electric Conversion Service

Empowering E-Bikes specialize in converting ordinary bikes into electric bikes, giving you the advantage of using your existing bike. Alternatively, a complete electric bike or custom build can be provided. A high quality motor kit that drives the chain ('mid drive', for superior hill climbing ability) is installed, along with a high capacity battery. This gives a powerful and long range but road legal bike that is also comparatively light and no harder or different to pedal than the bike was prior to conversion. The converted bike is likely to be only ~ 3 kg heavier (plus battery, typically another 3 kg). Support and servicing is also offered on bikes according to customer preference, as well as a range of parts and accessories specific to the system. 

A wide range of bikes can be converted, including most mountain, hybrid, general purpose and cargo bikes, as well as some folding bikes and tricycles. Bikes that are less suitable are road / racing bikes, carbon framed bikes, and bikes with non standard bottom brackets. Please contact for a no obligation assessment of a specific bike, an/or to try out an electric bike. 

Prices start around £899 (based on the discount options listed below), making a conversion service a cost effective way to create a high end, mid drive electric bike. Complete bikes may be available from £999 based on a good quality used bike (with new electrical kit, subject to availability) The exact package provided can be optimised according to customer preference and budget, but as standard comprises the following

  • 250W 36V BBS01 motor kit with 850C colour display (with direct voltage reading and USB), standard or upgraded XT-90S connectors
  • 36 volt 17 Amp hour LG cell (or equivalent quality) battery pack and mounting system appropriate to the bike
  • 3 Amp charger
  • Installation of all components and tie wrap of all wiring
  • Torque measurement of all key installation parts (including inner and outer motor lock rings)
  • Programming controller to system parameters (including wheel size and speed limit)
  • Function test and/or test ride as appropriate
  • 2 year warranty on battery
  • 1 year warranty on motor kit and all other electrical components provided by Empowering E-Bikes
  • 20% discount on bike accessories, tools & Bafang spare parts purchased at the point of sale

Optional extras include:

  • Servicing package that can be built up as required from elements including bike servicing during conversion, 2 year bike servicing agreement, extended 2 year warranty on motor kit, performance review / upgrade option
  • Additional battery capacity (long range / adventure E-Biking)
  • Other upgrades as required for example review and alteration of gearing system, addition of rack, mudguards etc, replacement of other bike parts as required 

Discount options include:

  • Replace 850C with more basic C961 or C965 display unit
  • Basic 30 day warranty on motor kit and / or battery
  • Trade in (i.e. sale to Empowering E-Bikes) of bike parts removed during conversion (e.g. crankset, shifter, bottom bracket, brake levers)
  • Upgrade of bike gear range, depending on existing setup

Subsequent benefits and options for all conversion service customers also include

  • 10% discount on accessories (bike accessories and tools, Bafang spares) subsequently purchased from Empowering E-Bikes
  • £ 50 Empowering E-Bikes voucher for recommendation leading to further purchase of conversion service
  • Option to un- & re-install customer BBS01 system onto a different bike in the event of changed user requirements, currently £10/hr plus parts
  • Trade in of used bikes, motor equipment and batteries (subject to confirmation of availability and prevailing costs)

Conversion Suitability Assessment

For a bike conversion service, a free installation feasibility assessment will be provided based on factors including: 

  • Compatibility and condition of bottom bracket shell
  • Clearance of motor and motor shaft with bottom bracket shell, frame and cabling
  • Compatibility of controls with gearing & braking system and general handlebar setup
  • Compatibility of drive train requirements e.g. chain ring adaptor installation

Installation cost includes additional minor components (e.g. motor spacers) and all labour costs for standard adaptations as required. If significant additional parts cost would be incurred or extra changes to bike setup are required for effective installation, this will be discussed prior to a decision to proceed. In either case, if a bike is ultimately found to be unsuitable for conversion, then no charge will be made and the bike. (Where components are bought for self installation, information and opinions will be provided as requested, but the responsibility for effective installation will be with the customer).