Bike Accessories

A range of bike accessories and tools can be provided. Please see below for current prices and descriptions. Prices do not include P&P; for postage within UK standard second class postage rates (for example, currently £1.22 for a large latter / £2.90 for a small parcel) will be added at cost price to these prices where postage is requested. Online purchase is not enable for this website yet, please contact for further information or to purchase.


Recommended on any bike, especially if using shared paths with pedestrians. Choice of styles / colours. Fits standard handlebar size (22.2mm)

£ 2 to 4


 Rear view mirror that fits to the bike handlebars to allow the rider to see behind without turning round. Especially useful in heavy traffic. Screws into the end of standard diameter (22.2mm) bars. Unlike many mirrors, has 3 way adjustment system to ensure effective orientation. (RRP £11.99)

£ 9

Rear light - 5 LED twin laser

Rear light with additional 'laser' lines that project onto the road behind the bike and enhance drivers awareness of the bike as a vehicle requiring its own space. Can be used with either or both modes independently with flashing options available on each. Batteries included.

£ 4

Twin super bright diode front light and battery pack

Small and lightweight but extremely bright front light, based on twin CREE or equivalent diodes.Runs off a 7.2V Li battery pack (4 cells). It can be used on a bike but also converted to a headtorch. This is bright enough to see your way even in complete darkness (but should not be pointed directly ahead when in traffic). Package includes light plus mount, battery pack plus charger and velcro mounting strip, headband adapter

£ 39

Saddle Cover

Gel filled cover that fits over the bike saddle to provide increased degree of padding and comfort.

£ 5

Hi-Viz Vest 

Brightly coloured sleeveless vest with reflective stripes, highly recommended to wear if cycling in traffic after dark. Choice of sizes.

£ 3

Trouser Clips

Clips to keep trousers from catching in the chain / chain rings. They have 3M quality reflective strips for enhanced visibility. Will expand to 10 cm wide so suitable for all ages. 15g per pair.

£ 2


Various models and sizes.

£ 10


Cable based lock from Raleigh. 90 cm long, vinyl covered for weather protection and to prevent scratching. Comes with 4 keys. 500g.

£ 12

Lock - Heavy Duty 

 Heavy duty cable lock from Raleigh Ultra range, with a security rating of 7 / 10 (i.e. high end security). Cable is 180 cm length, vinyl covered for weather protection and to prevent scratching. Comes with 5 keys. 1100g (RRP £29.99)

£ 19

Pannier - 18 ltr, Waterproof

Welded construction for waterproof seams and waterproof roll top. Also has a zipped pocket on the front for smaller items.

£ 19

Spare Inner Tubes, Various 

Highly recommended to carry a spare tube as well as puncture repair kit for ease of repair; range of sizes and widths available, branded and unbranded. Please check for availability

£ 3 to 5

Portable Repair Kit

Entry level kit including mulitool (allen keys / sockets), puncture repair kit / tyre levers (basic level), pump, spanner, case.

£ 12

Schwalbe Tyre Levers (Pair)

Extremely high quality, hard plastic tyre levers with wide / flat profile to ensure effective fitting / removal without damage to the tyre / inner / rim

£ 3

Rema Puncture Repair Kit

Professional level repair patches (6 small, 1 large) and vulcanising fluid (5ml) kit. Also includes instructions and sandpaper backed with rubber patch for ease of use, and fitted in convenient plastic case.

£ 4

Rema Repair Patches 

Professional level repair patches, extremely thin and strong for good flexibility and adhesion.

£ 1 for 3

Rema Vulcanising Fluid (10ml)

Professional level vulcanising fluid for puncture repair, large tube siz (twice size in typical repair kit).

£ 2

Bike pump - Portable 

 Convertible between Presta and Schrader type valves. Head is non locking, so needs to be pressed against the valve during inflation and more suited for lower pressures. Economic and lightweight option for a portable pump.

£ 4

Bike Pump - Portable, High Pressure

Compact, high quality pump suitable for carrying to top up tyre pressure or for use in the event of a puncture. Reversible locking head for use on Presta or Schrader valves. Telescopic construction allows small size while increasing the amount of air per stroke. Includes bracket for mounting on bike frame. 165g. Length 8" (closed), 15.5" (open) (RRP £16.99).

£ 12

Bike Pump - Home / Workshop

Large, floor standing with pressure gauge. Suited for home use to allow easy maintenance of required tyre pressure and hence improving ease of cycling. Wide foot plate for stability. Dual head for inflating Presta or Schrader valves, high pressure gauge for inflation to 120 psi. 840g.

£ 18

Pump Adaptor Valve

 Very lightweight, allows simple connection of a Schrader (car type) set up pump to a Presta (narrow) valve thus avoiding need for pump valve adjustment or multiple pump setups for the two most common inner tube valve types

£ 1

GT-85 (400ml Aerosol Can)

Unlike WT-40 which is just a solvent, GT-85 is a PTFE based fluid which actively lubricates as well as displacing water. Useful for range of applications including freeing stuck parts. Comes with applicator tube.

£ 2.50