Terms & Conditions

General Terms of Sale

While Empowering E-Bikes will make every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy and consistency of information regarding any product or service advertised via this website or other means, any offer to purchase is subject to confirmation of availability and current pricing. Empowering E-Bikes therefore reserve the right to cancel any requested transaction, and will return in full any and all monies already paid in the event of such a situation.

Empowering E-Bikes aim to offer services and products on a fair basis, and will meet or exceed the provision of all relevant sales and consumer regulations. Any products purchase from Empowering E-Bikes and that are in an unused and undamaged condition (except in so far as sold in used or damaged condition) may be returned for any reason up to 30 days after purchase. Where the return is because the customer changed their mind, then any costs associated with the purchase and return (e.g. postage costs) will be paid by the customer. Where the return is because an item is faulty (except in so far as the item was described as such prior to sale), such costs will be re-imbursed by Empowering E-Bikes (subject to prior agreement of specific expenditures).

Please note that, in view of labour involved and the used condition of an otherwise new motor kit that has been installed and uninstalled, an electric bike conversion is considered by Empowering E-Bikes to be a service rather than a product. In common with other services provided therefore, there is no right of return except in so far as any part of the kit or installation is faulty (except in so far as any item was described as such prior to sale). However, every effort will be made to ensure availability of options to try out before buying and to provide all relevant information to minimise the probability of provision of a system that does not meet customer requirements. Furthermore, Empowering E-Bikes may offer to buy back such kit / bikes if the situation arises, although this is at Empowering E-Bikes discretion.  


Warranty is intended to cover all costs associated with failure of an item because it is faulty in some way; it does not cover damage or failure from wear and tear or misuse. Except in so far as otherwise agreed at the point of sale, products are warrantied as below. In all cases, warranties cover both material and labour costs involved in replacement / repair of products or parts as indicated. No cover is given against any consequent loss or damage as a result of product failure. Warranty only covers items sold as new; item specified as used at the point of sale are not covered by warranty, although they are covered by a 30 day return period as above in the event of faults occurring within this period.

Where agreed at the point of sale, Empowering E-Bikes will collect bikes, batteries or other components from the customer (based on agreement of location at point of purchase and/or subsequent re-confirmation). No specific timescale is guaranteed for this service, however, in the event of a failure the warranty period will be extended by a time equivalent to the time elapsed between reporting the problem and resolution by Empowering E-Bikes.

Batteries are warrantied against: 

  • Lifetime of cells - all batteries will decline in capacity over time and with a high number of charge cycles, however battery capacity is warrantied to remain in excess of 67% (two thirds) of nominal capacity (capacity measured to full discharge (and/or extrapolated from a partial discharge based on discharge curve for the cell type) in low current testing by Empowering E-Bikes). As a minimum, battery to be replaced / part exchanged / refunded on the basis of a linear decline in value / capacity over the warranty period e.g. 85% after 1 year / 70% after 2 years. (Exclusions:  i) physical or water based damage; ii) use for applications other than that provided for; iii) use in excess of 500 full charge cycle equivalent over the warranty period; iv) where battery has been left without use for period(s) in excess of 1 month v) extended storage above 30°C or below 0°C)
  • Any loss of performance or damage to the battery arising as a result of battery construction or failure or components. Batteries to be repaired, or if not possible traded in / refunded on a sliding scale as above (Exclusions as above)

 Motor kits are warrantied against:

  • Failure as a result of a fault in the system or part and will be repaired or replaced as appropriate. Exclusions: i) wear and tear; ii) use for applications other than that provided for; iii) physical or water based damage; iv) damage caused by over-heating of the motor as a result of persistently running at high power and low rpm 
  • Failure as a result of faulty installation (exclusions as above)
Note that the bike itself (i.e. all parts of the bike that are not specific to or altered by the electric conversion) are assumed not to be covered by warranty unless specifically agreed, although they may be covered by a service agreement


Service Agreements 

Where a bike, electric bike or other item is offered with service included, this will include free labour costs for maintenance to the level defined. Parts are not included and are charged additionally, except where the part is faulty and under warranty as above. Specific elements may also be defined at the point of sale as excluded from service cover, for example suspension forks or internal gear hubs. Collection of bikes for servicing and/or servicing performed on site may be available for the annual service checks if and as offered at the point of sale. 

Unless agreed otherwise, the service package includes 

1.     Annual battery check

2.     Annual check of integrity and functionality of all motor and electrical components

3.     Annual bike service to include the following*

    Aspect checked (visual / functional)

    Service work if required

    1.       Brakes - check for wear, fraying and function

    Service brakes; adjust or replace brake pads / cables / housing

    2.       Gears - check for wear, fraying and function

    Service gears; adjust or replace gear cables / housing

    3.       Tyres - check for punctures / damage, excess tread wear / cracking, orientation, pressure appropriate to use

    Replace inner tubes and / or tyres as required

    4.       Wheels - check for damage, broken / loose spokes and wheel lateral straightness ('trueness')

    True wheel (NB charge for each wheel required)

    5.       Hubs - check for looseness (play) at axle

    Adjust hub bearings

    6.       Handlebars / headset - check key bolts, no play in steering

    Adjust headset and stem as required

    7.       Chain - check for wear, state of cleanliness / lubrication

    Replace chain if excessive wear; clean excess dirt from transmission and lubricate

    8.       Cranks / bottom bracket / pedals - check all tightly installed and no play

    Adjust as required; replace bottom bracket, cranks or pedals

*Does not include: hydraulic disc brake service, internal gear hub service, suspension forks or systems, electric gear systems, belt drives or other non-standard components


Additionally, the service package includes 

4.     Free fitting of all parts purchased from Empowering E-bikes as and when required

5.     Free fitting on inner tubes purchased from Empowering E-bikes as and when required 

Additional labour charges of £10 per hour will apply where required beyond the scope of the service agreement.